Working with an obstetrician is a special time in a woman's life. Our providers at Women's Wellness of Southern Delaware will work closely with you during your pregnancy to ensure you have a safe and healthy delivery. We deliver babies at Beebe Healthcare in Lewes. After your delivery, our care for you continues as we guide you through the postpartum process.

Our providers are here for you and your baby. We will discuss all of your options during your pregnancy and what you can expect throughout. We provide a safe, comfortable, and confidential experience for the women in our community.

We offer:

Ongoing pregnancy exams, ultrasounds, and testing

Pregnancy support and resources

Information on what to expect during delivery

Postpartum recovery, support, and resources

What to Expect

When you make your appointment with Women's Wellness of Southern Delaware, you can expect to be treated with dignity and respect. Our all-woman team is here for you, providing safe, comfortable, and confidential care for you during pregnancy and after delivery.